Getting on the first page of Google is something that everyone wants for their site or blog. This would in turn generate free traffic for your sites. So what do I mean by getting on the first page of Google? All it means is that it would show up in the top 10 search results for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. There are several ways show up on the first page of Google. There are different marketing strategies like blogging, article marketing or any other form of content marketing to help you do that. No matter what you decide to do you still have to know what keywords you want to rank for.

A keywords tag is one that can be programmed with keywords that are related to the text on a web page. The programmer can enclose a word, words or a phrase from within the text on a page with one of these tags and use keywords which describe that word or words. An example would be tagging the word “Chardonnay” on a page with keywords like “white wine, wine”.

Having completed your article, your next task is to get it publicized. This is normally carried out by submitting your article to selected article directories. These serve the purpose of introducing the article gatherer to the article writer. If someone sees your article and wants to publish it on their website or in their ezine, this is allowed on the condition that the resource box is also included. This way, the publisher gains valuable content and the writer gains publicity. Everyone is happy!

Google Webmaster Tools is a very good tool to have. This tool provides you with all other information about your website such as crawl errors, (New) and many other statistics as well as where you can input your site map.

Ask them how long it would take to see results. Typically, it will take at least 3 to 6 months before you can see results from SEO. While we know that it could take months to see results, be sure to ask them about the time frame.

When you start looking at Keyword Rank Checker Tool you will start to see how competitive your market actually is. You may find that the level of competition is so high that the work and money you would need to put into your SEO to rank well far outweighs the profits you might bring in. At first this might seem like devastating news, especially if you really had your heart set on your niche, but this is actually very good news. It is much better to find out something like this before you begin work, than to find it out after you have dumped a lot of your time and budget into ranking for a market you cannot possibly dominate with a positive ROI.

This will all help to increase your page rank (PR). Find sites that are good quality i.e. they have a lot of good fresh content and aren’t just putting up loads of adverts, and make sure they aren’t your direct competitors.

While knowing where you stand with your keywords is important, so is taking steps to improve your traffic. Make sure that you do, in fact, have relevant key words integrated into your site. You will need to have metatags for your site as well. By doing so, you will give yourself a significant leg up by helping search engines find you and know what your site is all about. Choose the best meta-descriptions and relevant keywords, and you will have taken a massive leap in the right direction.