Who says only adults get all the fun in Sydney? This vibrant chic city in New South Wales has a lot of activities and attractions to offer to kiddos. In fact, some of them do not have a price tag at all, something very welcoming to budget-conscious parents.

Raleigh is a hikers dream come true. The city continues to extend it’s Greenway system. They have built tunnels under roads and recently completed a bridge over the Beltline 440. They have trails around lakes throughout the city. In addition the state of North Carolina has an 11 thousand acre park, Umstead inside the city with more trails.

CSI (CBS, 9pm) – NEW! Ray investigates the death of a college student at a animatronic raptor suppliers to determine whether it was accidental or murder. Guest starring Katee Sackhoff.

L.A.T.W.s’ Radio Theatre Series will air H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds adapted by Howard Koch, directed by John de Lancie, starring Leonard Nimoy, John de Lancie, Gates McFadden and Armin Shimerman; and The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adapted by John de Lancie, with Peter Paige and Josh Clark heading the cast.

Another great museum to visit is found in Macquarie Street. This used to be a barracks that housed New South Wales male convicts. Kids would definitely get to know more about their life and the early penal system of the country. They can also see for themselves the memorabilia they left behind.

The Woodland Park Zoo is known for its natural looking and enjoyable exhibits. In fact the zoo has won many prestigious awards for its exhibits. There is so much to do and see here at the zoo that this can easily be a whole day adventure for any family. In fact that is what I would recommended is that you take a whole day and while you are there why not take a stroll next door to the beautiful Rose Garden. This is a free side trip as it doesn’t cost anything to view the roses but it is a wonderful experience and it goes well with the Woodland Park Zoo.

If any of these or most of these is appealing to you and/or those you are traveling with, then purchasing a city pass is probably a wise investment. Even if you don’t visit all of the attractions, you can save money by visiting a few.