What kind of drugs have you been taking? For instance, if you have been smoking marijuana, unless you are a very extreme case, you can and probably should detox at home. Although still give your doctor a quick visit just to be on the safe side. If on the other hand you are a heroin addict, I would suggest that you think very carefully before attempting to do this on your own.

The last step of detox is getting into the treatment process. In this step, they will find a great treatment program that they can enter. It also will give them treatment programs that will assist with any other mental or emotional disorders that they are suffering from. The goal of this step is to find them the best road to recovery.

Surprised? Well, have you ever known someone who stops and starts drugs over and over again? Maybe tobacco, or alcohol or pot, whatever they might be addicted to is returning into their lives repeatedly.

Which brings me to the second reason more people aren’t getting help: their friends and family aren’t doing much about it. Yeah, sure, they’ve tried. They’ve tried imploring, threatening, pleading, and reasoning. But they haven’t gotten through – the person just won’t go to Substance abuse services or rehab.

Have you ever asked yourself the question if you are using drugs too much? If at any time you have, the reality is you probably are. Drug use takes on a life of its own. You find you are buying more and more. You are finding it takes you more of the drug to feel normal. You are constantly chasing that first high. You start isolating yourself. You don’t want to share anymore. If you are an addict you know exactly what I mean.

Take a look around, or watch the news. We’re bombarded day in and day out with news about wars, nuclear threats, global warming, economies plummeting, natural disasters wiping out towns, unemployment lines swelling, the housing market crashing, people being raped, beaten, robbed and murdered. Is it any wonder that people can’t sleep, feel confused, nervous, frightened, worried or hopeless? Is it any wonder that even 12-year-old kids, living in the midst of this bedlam, would want to change how they feel by using drugs?

Even if it produces spectacular results a complete drug detox program is not an end. The person needs to be rehabilitated. This is the spiritual aspect of addiction. You must address the reasons why the person has taken drugs. Then the person must learn how to live a drug-free life and must get the tools and abilities to do so. It is a lot of work but a good rehab program will do all of that.