Job hunting these days is a battle. With fewer jobs available in certain industries, one needs to be efficient, streamlined and spot on in their quest for employment. Below are some things I personally use or have used to keep abreast of possible opportunities. Even if you are happy in your current career or company, it is never bad to be prepared in case you find yourself in need of a job.

Once you’ve set up your profile with a dating social network, you’ll want to know about the other members. For this, you can view their see my picks. If you find a person who interests you, you can send him or her an email from an account which you have set up with your dating site.

Whenever you write about a particular topic, you’re naturally going to mention related topics. For instance, this blog is about article marketing, but you can’t really write about that without also talking about writing articles. There’s a natural link between the two.

Door count. Whomever you’ve asked to work the door needs to keep track of how many people show up. Those with tickets are easy to count. Rip the ticket stub and save them to count later. But the hand stamp requires a counting system. Perhaps one of those silver “clickers” or just good, old fashioned paper and pen.

Tools and equipments. You really don’t need much to earn money online. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. I suggest that you shop around and ask for recommendations to get the best ISP in town. You would want to be connected to the internet 24/7 if you want to easily pull up your earnings.

Send personal invitations to targeted VIP’s. Make absolutely sure your very best customers know about, and will attend, your event. A personal invitation is a powerful draw.

Finally, make sure you mention it again in the last paragraph. Again, this one is easy because your conclusion is really just an overall summary of the article itself. If you’re really smart you can just re-use the title, e.g.