Too often, things just get in the way of us taking time for ourselves. Sure, we might spend the odd weekend doing something we want to do, but it’s not uncommon to be so focused on work that we don’t go on holiday in years. If it’s been too long since your last break, get one booked up!

As far as Autumn in New England is concerned, after the “in your face” exuberance of Vermont, the rest is dross. Maine, after all, was just a hunk of Massachusetts ripped off the Commonwealth in 1820 and established as a “free state,” to balance the “slave state” of Missouri then entering the Union. But we canny folk of Massachusetts are glad; Mainers are poor and exigent. They really need the money.

Boardwalks provide another way to see the forest while preserving the forest floor from damage. Some of these allow for self-guided touring. Others emanate from a discovery centre. Bring the kids so they can learn while on holiday. Here they will learn to understand the value of preserving a complex ecosystem; how all parts work together to pump life not just around in circles, but into the global environment. Their education could make a significant impact.

If you’ve been working extra hard lately, perhaps on a special project, then why not celebrate it coming to the end by booking a holiday to somewhere relaxing like Menorca? You can get cheap flights and travel from all over the UK. Go, you deserve it!

Marvel at the spiral joss sticks that hang from above. Joss sticks are incense that is burned to worship the gods, and they are usually long and thin. But these joss sticks are spiral, and they make very good photo opportunities.

The Netherlands is one of the most liberal countries in the world. If you want to express and immerse yourself into the European festivals, this is the place to go for singles like you. Stay and you’ll enjoy all the food, fun and well, even the cheese.

You will notice that there is no mention of the 135,000 innocent men, women and children. who were horribly burned alive, by thousands of British and American bombers, in the Open City of Dresden. This happened one month before the end of the war. Why? Vengeance!

That’s all for Guan Di and a few Chinese gods and a little bit of Chinese culture. There may even be a little Guan Di celebration in your own country if you have a China town back home.