Did you really write and create a sales page for a website using only an iPad? This is the question a friend of mine asked me when I told him that I figured out a system where I could write, edit and sell an instructional E-Book using only my iPad.

I’ve used Joomla and WordPress for best sydney web design and since version 3 of WordPress, for most of my needs, I much more prefer WordPress than Joomla. What WordPress does in a few files Joomla needs tons of files to do it. I currently host with bluehost and recently got a notice from them that I had too many files… It was mostly because of the many sites I have on my shared account that are using Joomla. I was over 200,000 files with only about 30 installs of joomla running various extensions. The coding in WordPress is much cleaner and SEO is FAR BETTER than Joomla. Speed is another issue that Joomla has not yet resolved.

Make sure your visitors can contact you. Eventually provide a contact phone number, fax and email address on each page. If not, display a clear contact button. Note that people HATE to fill in long forms. If you must have one, don’t force the visitors give out information they normally wouldn’t like to. Keep it simple. After a visitor has contacted you, make sure you answer it time. Failing to answer questions and requests could damage your good name.

I’ll explain this with an example; if someone clicks on your PPC ad, they arrive on your website. And you are charged the amount you bid. So, if you bid $.35 per click on ‘website design Company’, and that’s the highest bid, you might show up first in the line. If 100 people click on your PPC ad listing, then the search engine (or PPC service) will charge you $35.00 (.35 * 100).

Another thing to remember is that if you need a website, you also need a host. Check with your web designer to see if they offer any web design services hosting packages that is right for you. You will also need to be able to update your site on a regular basis, especially if you have a real estate site. Search engines like fresh content every now and again. Blogging is a good way to keep fresh content on your site. No matter what your area of expertise, there are several angles you can write about.

How are these ads sold? The ads are sold in an auction. You bid what you want to pay for a click on the ad. Bid the most and you can have a chance of ranking first in the sponsored results. The word here to note is ‘chance’. There is also a measure called quality score which can impact your ranking.

SEO Marketing is something that many Adult Web Designers in my experience do not explain adequately. The basics can be easily learned when it is appropriately simplified. But SEO Marketing is something that needs to be implemented before, during and after the website is being designed. What is the theme of the website? All SEO Marketing will be based on this. From the keywords you desire people to type in to find your website, to all tags, page text, links, anchor text and page names. These are all based on the theme of the website and should all or at least some be completed by the web designer. Note: sometimes the web designer knows nothing about SEO Marketing and in that case you need to study SEO and at the same time obtain some assistance from an inexpensive but good SEO Marketer.

If you want rich look and feel about your website and should be in less budget web design then use HTML, XHTML mark up language. The valid HTML mark up language will provides the some good tags to the user to use multimedia files in their website.