Inflatable water slides make a great rental item for your summer party. There are many different things you could have at your party, but a slide is simply the best, even if there are no kids at the party!

Buy the alcohol called for in the recipes and any other ingredients you’ll need. If money’s a concern (and, please, when is it not?), consider asking each guest to bring a bottle of juice or other ingredient. We promise they won’t mind. Don’t forget to grab a huge bag of ice too. If you can persuade one or two of your guests to bring along a blender you’ll be able to make more than one batch at a time –a good time saver.

Little princesses get hungry, so make sure to have snacks ready! Holiday sugar cookies are a must, and don’t forget the hot chocolate! You could serve apple cider in long-stemmed glasses or hot coca with peppermint sticks to let the girls feel that they are a more fancy grown-up meal. Princesses like anything dainty, so try cutting up fruits small and serving it with toothpicks.

Seashells & Starfishes- Aren’t we fond of collecting seashells and starfishes at the shore? We are all fascinated by these sea creatures so it would be understandable if we include them in our beach parties. They are not only ideal as party and wedding favors but also as decorations.

Play a “Guess What’s In The Stocking” conference and lectures game. Put awkward shaped objects inside stockings, and make people guess what they are. Some ideas can be pine cones, candy canes, or star shaped items.

Outdoor garden lighting isn’t just functional for safety and for showcasing your garden. It’s also important for setting the mood of your party. If you are enjoying a typical fun Summer party then you will want to add party lights. Strings of fun lights around the garden are a top choice. If you are hosting a theme party then you will want your lighting choices to reflect the theme. And if you are having a more intimate or romantic summer party then you want to choose soft outdoor lighting to reflect the mood. Drinking your champagne under soft lights while the sun goes down has a dramatically different effect than drinking it under harsh outdoor motion lights!

Will you have dinner catered, or are you opting for potluck? A fun option is cook-your-own-food. You can do this by setting up several hibachis for grilled food, Japanese hot pots for soup and boiled meats, and fondue pots for cheese and chocolate-covered desserts.

Remember to avoid drink driving at all costs, whatever the season. Christmas time is particularly bad because you’ll need to concentrate extra hard, due to extreme weather conditions. So forget that pint, it’s not worth having a crash over, is it?