A Pharmacy Technician Certification is a smart option for many looking to work as a pharmacy tech. It can help them get the choice job they are looking for as a pharmacy tech and give them the skills needed to start that job well. Here, we take a look at what is needed to get this certification and to help you better understand what you can expect from this process.

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No boss pharmacy technician career wants to spend months or even weeks of precious time training new employees. They require workers that can begin to make them revenue from day one. Many students are able to acquire the hands-on experience they require through internships. An internship can teach students in a few weeks what college can’t in 4 years.

By the end of the day, every muscle in my body aches. My feet and legs burn from standing and walking between windows and shelves of medications, seventy or eighty times a day, my neck and shoulders are locked up from standing in front of the computer screen, and my arms and hands are stiff from typing all day. When I get into my car to go home, I am in a complete vegetative state. One minute I’m in the parking lot at work and the next minute, I’m at home with no recollection of how I got there.

Meanwhile, the phone keeps ringing, the fax keeps trilling, the drive-thru keeps dinging, and the people are lining up at the register. Pharmacies are always notoriously understaffed. They base their technician hours only on the number of prescriptions filled. They do not take into consideration, the number of pick-ups we have, the number of important questions (Where are the rest rooms? Where would I find hair dye? Is acetaminophen as good as Tylenol?), which we must answer, the number of complaints (The rest room is filthy. Why don’t you have the sale items you advertise? Can I get a rain check?) we have to deal with, or the insensitivity of people who insist on bringing their full carts to our register to avoid standing in line up front.

The job of a pharmacy technician career is very important. Patients have to be given advice on the administering of various drugs. If they are taking two or more drugs together, then the duties increases manifold. He has to then counsel them about the possible interaction or reactions between the various drugs.

I learned that he had suffered a stroke six years earlier while sleeping and lay undiscovered for some time. He remained in a coma for six months and, when waking, could not walk or talk or eat. He didn’t even know his name.

When you are going to start off in a new job you know that it can be fun and exciting. However, if you are entering into certain careers you will need some form of an education. One of those jobs that you will need that for and have to get he proper pharmacy technician training to allow you to advance your career to newer and greater heights.