China and India are both continent-sized countries with populations of over one billion people, making the prospect of a China vs. India conflict a potentially international disaster. At the present time, both countries are focused on domestic problems and furthering their economic development. However, China and India have conflicting ambitions and an unresolved border dispute that may draw them into conflict. In such an event, wheeled armor could figure prominently, as such vehicles are lighter and therefore better suited to the high roads of the Himalaya than tracked armor.

The reasons for this are manifold and among them is the poor national diet in proteins and lack of training facilities. Thus for Milkha Singh to have emerged from this morass is itself a tremendous achievement.

MHOW has a salubrious climate and a visit to this place can be a good holiday. You can reach Indore by train or air from all major Metros of India and from there to Indore one can take a taxi or a local train that plies between MHOW and Indore.

Purana Qila is an historical place constructed by Humayun and Sher Shah. The building is very gorgeous and marks the artistic skill of the builders of Mughal period.

The House of Lords and House of commons recognized the courage of the 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh regiment by paying homage to their bravery by standing up to a tumultuous ovation.All the soldiers were awarded the Indian Order of Merit, the equivalent of the Victoria Cross of its day. We talk of Thermopylae but Saragarhi is a living legend- to be remembered for all times to come.

In 1984 India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards in reprisal for the Indian Army Rally attack on a Sikh shrine four months earlier.

John Masters creates a heady cocktail of romance against the back ground of approaching independence with the British war weary and fighting on two fronts. The heroine of the novel is a 28 year Anglo Indian girl Victoria Jones of mixed Indian and European blood who is searching for an identity in the changing times. In this search she falls in love and is engaged to another Anglo Indian. But her restlessness and search for identity leads her to love a Sikh. But Masters poignantly brings out the cultural difference as the girl is expecting to be kissed by the Sikh which does not take place. She also gets into a relationship with a British army officer Colonel Savage. These relationships are excellently probed and presented by Masters.

Man Singh however lives on after his death. As a memory and tribute to him a temple dedicated to him at his native village Rathor in Agra district, is constructed. Thousands regularly pay their respects to the messiah of the poor. He was indeed a special dacoit or ‘Daku’.