In this era of Information Technology, constant work using computers has caused many health problems to the online workers. Computer Vision Syndrome, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, various kinds of addictions are some of the ailments prominently found among this group. Inflammation of tendons in hands, shoulders and legs are very common among online workers.

If possible, the computer desk should not face a wall or a corner. The user should be able to see beyond the computer, with their eyes level with the top of the monitor or above it.

Keep yourself engaged with one of your selected passions that give you knowledge and entertainment. If you are interested in music play your flute or simply listen to a soothing music. Go for the movie that you wanted to see for a long time or read a book of your liking. All these are activities that can relieve you of stress.

So if you ever decide to date online, follow these tips: First, make sure it gets to the dating site that is used before registration. For example, look at the cost of installation of signs; see if you can see people on the site before registering, to see if there are any current promotions, etc. Also, try to make your interesting profile. Spruce up a bit and make it original. The typical “I like long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners” is so cliche. Start your get inspired with an interesting fact about yourself, such as “I can lick my elbow”. Really!

Most problems that affect vision are usually made worse by constant use of the computer, playing video games and watching too much TV. 75% of the people that used computers at work suffer from a condition known as the pintrest Syndrome. It is common among people who are above the age of 40. To avoid this, you should learn different ways of relaxing the eye muscles when you are not sitting in front of your computer. This reduces vision impairment and eye strain.

What I do is, if there is any spot on the roster that could be better, I scan the list of free agents at that position, and let’s face it, who has a fantasy draft in which every player is the best at his position? I’ve never seen such a roster and neither have you unless your league is made up of a bunch of nebbishes who think fantasy football is a Hooter girl popping out of an oblong cake with painted on stitches.

Pinterest has totally gotten female entrepreneurs attention not just because of it’s marketing potential but because it’s totally fun. So move over, “America’s Got Talent.” We have Pinning to do! If fact, if you don’t pay attention, you can easily spend an hour or two on Pinterest. Which surprisingly is about what the average Pinner spends. So whenever your doing social media as a female entrepreneur, set your timer.

To those who love or hate the holiday, hopefully I have given you a head start in your journey to find the perfect Myspace Layout for Valentine’s Day!