Everybody has it happen now and then; a light bulb burns out in your home. What do you do? If you have a CFL bulb, you do not want to throw it in the trash. Instead, recycle it.

What should I know about bedbugs? Bedbugs apparently do not transmit infections to humans. They leave itchy bites which leave red raised, itchy lesions and can become infected with scratching. “The bedbugs, and particularly the eggs of bedbugs, are even harder to kill than the spores of the bacteria,” says Dr. Dick Zoutman, a professor and infectious disease specialist at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

Ant hills are unsightly and their bites can be painful or even cause a serious allergic reaction. There are a few types of ants that may become problematic pests.

If you suspect an infestation in your home, please watch some of the free YouTube video available for directions of what to do next. And then call a pest company that specializes in bedbugs. Remember – don’t panic. Bedbugs do not normally carry diseases. They’re just disgusting to have around.

Orkin and the American Society for Healthcare Radon Mitigation conducted a bedbug study on some volunteers and shared their findings. They found good news and bad news. Of those people bitten, very few experienced immediate reaction, and even fewer experienced reaction in the hours and days following. They also found that the elderly often have even less of a visible reaction to their skin than did younger adults after the bite. But because of the low reaction rates to the bites, the less likely was the infestation to be suspected or discovered.

Speaking as the E-writer, there is nothing better than sitting in front of my computer at 3AM and banging out an article. It is when I work my best, and my editors/employers could care less. I can wear sweatpants and watch season 3 of The Office. I can tell you firsthand; it’s not a bad gig. I also save lots of money and carbon on commuting.

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