There is a clich? that says that necessity is the mother of all inventions, a saying that can be considered as fact when it comes to wheelie bins. These waste containers were manufactured in different sizes and designs before but since the unitary waste management services require a single structure, one style was finally selected and followed..

REDUCE your waste especially in the household. Lessen the foods in pack rather consider eating at home. Consider your old appliances to be repaired than to buy new one so that they will not put to trash and lay the grounds for so many years.

Do you have one or more forms of exercise that you enjoy and can do on a regular basis? This is a no-brainer. If you do not feel like exercising right now, chances are your diet, and your Bio-Logikal Terrain (see Bio-Logikal: Your Guide to Optimal Health) are out of balance. Once you start eating and sleeping better, your desire for movement, activity and exercise will return. The very best activity that everyone should do is walking. Walking is the most basic form of exercise, it is certainly cost effective and you get a whole lot of benefits for very little risk/damage to the body. See my next post for more on walking.

This also causes problems when the technology that the US leverages in every day life, like the plastic bag, gets sold to developing worlds where they have not adopted responsible mini skips behavior or technology. So now we live in a world where we are no longer struggling to build a platform for this American Dream. The platform has been created. Now our struggle is to hold on to the American Dream, while other developing worlds are trying to chase after our consumption model. Once again, this becomes problematic if they don’t adopt our waste management technology and behavior. Which I might add is not perfect.

Lets go South of the Border and head to Mexico with Grupo TMM SA (NYSE: TMM) , they are a Mexico based cargo and transport company. Now before you jump to conclusions let me map this scenario out to you. Their main business is transporting for clients throughout Mexico, whether it is trucking, railcar or container. Now the stock has a 52-week high of $5.70 and a 52-week low of $2.70 with an EPS of $1.67 and a P/E of almost 3. The industry average is a P/E of 11. Now the interest in little Grupo TMM is not high but institutions hold over 69% of the float and insiders and 5% holders hold over 45% of the outstanding stock.

But to realize that is far different than to regard man as an unwelcome intruder on the planet. On writer describes a beautiful nature scene with a blight in the scene, and that blight is a human being. Man is the human stain.

Nothing I have said here is exhaustive, but is intended to help you get your creative juices flowing. Almost Everything can be recycled into something you really want. The big trick here is to be able to identify what it is you want, and then assess whether what you are throwing away can fill that need.