Every single one of us has a hobby. (Well, at least, I hope!) But, I bet that very few actually sat down to explore if it’s possible to earn extra cash working from home with our hobbies. Have you? I know I never did until recently. I realized that many of us will continue to do the things that makes us happy and relaxed no matter what state the economy is in. And we’re going to spend good money on these things.

Each blog entry is shown in chronological order on a blog’s homepage but, each entry is in reality its own web page, with its own unique URL and title. So, an active blogger can create hundreds of keyword rich web pages in a matter of months.

Give some consideration to the type of customers that you have. There are some names that are usually associated with certain types of businesses. The URL should not just be what you like but something that the majority of your customers can easily identify with. If you like a particular phrase or word, you should conduct some research to find out if it will appeal to prospective clients.

blogs – Starting a blogger blog can be a great way to generate website traffic. You must update it regularly with content, but soon enough you will begin to see tons of visitors trickle on in! This is a free technique that can get a huge amount of results, if you are not on social profile your leaving a lot of money on the table!

Find out what your target market is looking for. The initial focus of your efforts should be on market research. Luckily, while basic market research certainly can be time consuming, expensive and difficult in the offline world, you can perform this much more efficiently online. One of the most popular and effective ways to do market research online is to go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool which is free of charge.

Whenever you search then you do want to search the most straightforward factor. And the most quick way is the DIY way. So, not to be concerned, there are a lot of DIY themes offered. The thesis theme is the most effective personal blog DIY theme.

Set Facebook Page, Google+ Profile, Linked in form and Twitter account. The important of all, you need to make sure that your website has all links to your Social Channels and that your Social channels link back to your website. This does not mean stuffing your writing with keywords, but rather using the words strategically in your text it a natural flow.

Creating a successful writing career is all about your own personal goals. Those that want to be in the spotlight may have to take a few different turns than those that want to be behind the scenes. Either direction can provide a nice living to those that are willing to put in the work to build their writing platform.