Depending on what part of the country you live in, winter driving can be a challenge. Cold weather and occasional freezes can make getting into your car each morning uncomfortable. A remote starter, GPS navigation system, paint protection film, and window tint can make driving a more pleasant experience this winter.

Most people don’t clean their engines, but it’s a great habit to get into because it helps reduce corrosion. Once a year of so is perfect. It takes strong chemicals to remove dirt, grease, oils and grime. The best cleaner for this job was d-limonene, but it is an environmental hazard, so it’s banned in many areas. I suggest a detergent cleaner, not petroleum, such as Meguiar’s new engine cleaner. They really did a good job formulating it for new engines with plastic covers and other composite components.

The window tinting market is a boosting market field that holds lots of room for money to be made. The gold mine money making is made mainly in the professional tint shops. When charging a rough average of three hundred dollars to tint the windows of an average four door sedan, the accumulating income adds up very quickly. But this article isn’t written for these shop owners, it is written to the everyday paying customers of these shops. We loose or have lost money from these over charged shops, and it keeps occurring everyday.

These high quality window tints are mostly seen in expensive, higher end vehicles because they are the only films on the market that are completely clear, but will also reflect UV rays. They feature a break through technology using multiple layers of film that, when combined, are thinner than a sheet of paper. This multilayer film allows the films to deflect up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays. After the tint is applied, you will see no change in the appearance of your car’s windows, but you will feel the difference by how much cooler the air is inside the car.

The visceral type: The car DVD is space-saving. It’s generally installed in the CD or tape machine place. And the screen can be hidden in the main machine when it’s not in operation. And the screen will not be damaged. As the screen is small, it’s hard for the back passengers to watch.

colorado springs window tint – Most of the residential tint will block about 50% of the heat and 99% of the UV. You will notice a difference in the heat and it will block almost all the damaging UV rays that come through the window and fade your flooring, furniture and window treatments. Window tint will also help reduce glare. Some people I talk to fear that they are putting limo tint on their windows like they were cars but I liken it more to high quality sun glasses that make the view clearer while protecting you. The film is applied to the inside portion of your window. Once it is applied it is essentially there for the life of the window. The installation of window tint is in my opinion an art form.

Do some research! In 2010, homeowners could get up to $1,500 back as a tax credit due to the energy efficiency of window film. This offer still may be available in 2011 and beyond.

Summarized, there are tint laws out there, and you need to be aware of them. But at the same time, there are aspects to take into account for that may make it seem more OK for you to slightly break these laws in certain areas. We do not in any way give you permission to break laws. We are just window tint enthusiasts sharing some knowledge to help spread the love for window tinting.