When you find that your current partner has actually been unfaithful, your mind is full of a tremendous range and selection of thought processes. These feelings go racing through from one side of your mind to the other and you find yourself merely sitting there, going over and over and over it again. You cannot make sense of these racing feelings and have no idea where to start. If you possibly could fend off one of those horrible panic attacks, perhaps you can refocus and begin to analyze this madness.

Looking back at that painful period, I now see that fantasy crushes are one way we may unconsciously try to revive the spark of desire that originally drew us together as a couple. Yet it often starts a viscous cycle that can choke the life out of your primary relationship.

Have you given him your number and he does not call or text? That is a real big clue. Especially if you have called him or texted him, that should have made him commit to returning it. If he does not call or text back, he is sending a loud message.

A book. Any book will do. But you need a book. Long journeys can be boring. Break them up by reading trashy Jackie Collins/intense Frederick Forsyth/rubbish love stories/Escorts en Gudalajara novels/thrillers/any old rubbish.

Every women craves to have a man who adores her. Right now, I have a man who adores me and it’s because I took the time to get inside the mind of men and understand how attraction works for them.

Love poems can add a lot to get in touch your affection for your girl. Have you ever felt that unexpected push to convey your excitement but don’t know what to do so you end up doing nothing? Pour all that drama through writing. Love poems are cute and sweet, and there’s no need for you to feel any shame while reading or sending it to your girlfriend. Remember that girls love sweet boyfriends. Now’s your chance to be one!

Jessica: Of course I said yes! It was the perfect proposal for a couple like us. After a few phone calls to family, Elvis’ close friend and “Memphis Mafia” member Larry Geller walked by and shared with us about the numerous times that he had sat with Elvis on that very step, talking about life and love.